Home & Office Restoration In Los Gatos

Water damage restoration, mold inspection and removal


We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as understand people value their time and money.


ZGreen Restoration knows that the effects of fire, water, and contamination should not be put off for too long.


Our goal is to fix your problem, not to drain your wallet. This is why ZGreen restoration is always willing work with your insurance.

What We Do

ZGreen Restoration is a licensed and bonded home restoration provider in Los Gatos, CA. We serve the surrounding area and the Santa Cruz County. Our experience consists of 20 years, and we can guarantee that we can handle any of your property damage needs. We also provide home restoration services in:

– Boulder Creek – Aptos – Monte Sereno – Capitoal
– Santa Cruz – Scotts valley – Los Gatos – Saratoga

Whether the damage is caused by water or fire or whether you have an issue with toxic materials such as sewage and mold, we have you covered. Zgreen Restoration Los Gatos is your best bet for getting restoration work done quickly and adequately. We are, of course, registered with the IICRC.

Restoring Your Life

At ZGreen Restoration in Los Gatos, we know that getting back to normal after a disaster doesn’t end when we leave. Our customers still must take care of their belongings, finish up final insurance paperwork, and more.



We are the restoration professionals near you. We are offering home restoration for our neighbors in Los Gatos and Santa Cruz County. Your health is essential, and so is keeping your home free of toxins such as mold and sewage waste.



Let’s face it;  a disaster is terrible for business. How are you supposed to work when your property and your equipment has been damaged? ZGreen Restoration may not be able to return your lost time, work materials, or equipment. We can give you your work space back!

Home inspector looks for termites in residential home's crawl space.

All Services

There are many types of damage, and or catastrophe that can happen to a property.  Have a look below for a more complete list of restoration projects that we usually take on.


We provide water damage services 24/7, 7 days a week. This type of damage generally can’t wait and should be addresses as quickly as it starts to mitigate further damage.


Fire damage repair varies due to the severity of damage. ZGreen restoration will make sure that your property looks and smells like new with powerful deodorizers.


Mold is often a result of water damage, but can also be present on really old properties. Regardless, mold is toxic and should be removed for your safety.


Sewage contains dangerous microbes, such as bacteria, and viruses which can have serious effects on health. No job is too gruesome for ZGreen Restoration.


Tight to reach spaces in your home need to be routinely cleaned as preventative maintenance for pipes and insulation, as well as for pest prevention.